Friday, November 20, 2009

Livin on the naughty list

yeah, yeah, it's been 2 months since I've blogged anything, and yeah, the naughty list and I are becoming comfortable with one another....

But lookit, it's not like I don't have excuses....errr... valid reasons for not posting.

Let's see, "Dear Blog, life stinks, we all have the swine flu" .pass.

Or... "Dear Blog, life stinks, everyone got over the swine flu but me" .pass.

Oh wait here's one... "Dear Blog, I'm over the flu! But now I have this chronic cough that just won't go away." .pass.

We could talk about cycling, but I've been so sick for the last 6 weeks I haven't even been able to dust my bike, much less ride it. And don't even get me started on the pro guys, everyone moving, changes all over, will Wiggins go to Sky, will Contador go to Garmin, will Astana ride Specialized?

Ok, no Wiggins didn't go to Sky - win.
And no Contador didn't go to Garmin - win?
And yes Astana and Contador will likely ride Specialized - win. Ok sort of a win, this means that it's more likely that Specialized will trump Trek in le tour - I mean Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador on Specialized the odds are pretty well in their favor, but it also means that Specialized is no longer sponsoring QuikStep. So one of my most comfortable kits is now a collector's item. Ok, enough cycling.

Hey, on the upside Elder Murphy came home! Ok, I never really doubted he would make it through, but at times it was hard to see the end of the tunnel. He's really grown a lot, and I can see the changes his service in the austere environment of Eastern Europe. We're really glad to have him home, and look forward to more great things from him as he heads off to BYU in January.

Oh wait, I know, the weather!

Blog Post, stardate every day from November to March:
"The weather today was cool, wet and overcast"

Ok, maybe not the weather.

So I'm not feeling very creative these days, and haven't had much that felt worth saying, but hey at least I can get off the naughty list now. :)